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During the infamous section of midtown encompassing the Port Authority bus terminal, amid throngs of employees, transients, and travellers, life a compact Culture of outsiders. Hustlers, hookers, three-card monte gamers, con Adult men, drug dealers, jackrollers (intruders who focus on robbing the inadequate of their welfare funds) function around their marks involving Periods Sq. and the Stroll, that strip of Eighth Avenue serviced by prostitutes and pimps. But there’s A further type of outsider from the neighborhood, An additional group of resident streetwalkers, as inconspicuous as the Some others will often be flamboyant. Here is the swelling inhabitants of ”searching-bag females,” These solitary, impoverished Females toting bags, picking over trash close to the Ninth Avenue food items marketplaces, dozing in doorways, huddled between their possessions from the Port Authority’s dreary community rooms.
The vast majority of A large number of homeless Gals in the city are invisible to the rest of us and some thing of a secret. In contrast to homeless Males, who as tramps and bums are broadly studied, the homeless lady has motivated small research. (Curiously, the terms ”tramp” and ”bum” when applied to women imply not homelessness since they imply for men but sexual activity.) And wherever very little is known, A great deal is projected. An image with the bag Girl, nevertheless distorted, has started to think a symbolic position in present-day consciousness, inspiring poems, photos, plays, cartoons.
I think this new, relatively anxious fascination during the odd lone female springs from the rising worry many Ladies harbor for their own outdated age inside a time when classic spouse and children supports for women are breaking down and so many might be expecting to end up old, lousy, and alone. Accepting the luggage as mysterious vessels and street daily life as weird, the stereotype from the bag Woman is romanticized. While she is usually feared and shunned like a ”insane,” jokes and stor ies portray her as a tricky, feisty, rebellious, unbiased, eve n secretly wealthy (!) eccentric whose peculiar insanity should be to choose a absolutely free life on the street into the dependencies of welfare or perhaps the limits of dependable social lifetime.
This picture is way from real. I not long ago invested a year to be a volunteer in a very plan for bag women during the Occasions Sq. spot. There I encountered Gals of each course, race, religion, family members qualifications; some ex-mental sufferers but a lot of not; previous academics, clerks, housewives, waitresses, businesswomen; married, one; mothers, childless; outdated, young; drinkers, teetotalers; misanthropic, sociable; furious, chastened. None lived on the road by alternative; rather, much too weak or or else handicapped to get Protected housing, they did whichever they may to outlive outside institutions. Not temperament but poverty (moreover isolation and terror) unites them. A sudden disaster – a hearth, crime, illness, Dying, eviction – may well land a girl on the road with all her possessions.
Some bag ladies are conspicuous, but most, wary of consideration, disappear in the group – Specially Because the shopping bag, that universal female register our tradition, normally adorns the arms of even comfy Ladies, who carry provides For each contingency. But though The majority of us have drawers, closets, some even attics and cellars by which to shop our belongings, the homeless – and people whose rooms continuously are robbed – have only their browsing bags. Evaluate their contents using your dresser and kitchen drawers and the mystery of the bags disappears.
Welfare? Numerous homeless Women of all ages are just not able to amass the paperwork or negotiate the bewildering bureaucratic maze of conflicting appointments expected of welfare applicants. Other individuals know from encounter that the effort is futile. Even those that control to get public aid continue to be insecure. If their checks wander away or their funds operates out ahead of the rent is thanks, they may obtain by themselves evicted; then, with inexpensive rooms vanishing as a result of developing conversions and inflation, They could come across no other very affordable housing. Or, what exactly is affordable may very well be way too harmful. In accommodations where locks r epeate dly are compelled, fires Recurrent, elevators and stairs setups for mu ggings, the lady alone may check out daily life on the street as essentially Secure r – especially when lease income could Choose food.
Most Road dwellers look at their state non permanent; but supplied the dangers of the road, the situation of social products and services, as well as ignorance of the public, they usually tend to deteriorate than improve. Avenue lifetime is not conducive to psychological or Actual physical well being. Some bag females can be known as crazy by professionals; but given the brutal situations in their life, even the seemingly mad habits of some would make a form of adaptive sense.
As persons commence to comprehend the tenuous conditions where homeless Women of all ages live, the significantly less mysterious their baggage and also the much less mad, willful, or threatening their behavior look. Like prostitutes – All those other people of the Stroll victimized by their well-liked image – bag ladies can’t hope for relief Unless of course the general public abandons stereotype for truth. ——————————————————————— Alix Kates Shulman, who wrote the preface for the e-book of photographs ”Browsing Bag Ladies,” by Ann Marie Rousseau, may be the creator of the novel a few bag Woman and a runaway, ”To the Stroll.”

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