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The hijab trend market place in Pakistan is growing when it comes to the ratio of inhabitants and folks’s revenue for previous couple of years. This experimental investigate evaluates hijab-carrying Girls’s notion of how perfectly their hijab and abaya requires are increasingly being satisfied by vogue Field in Pakistan. A spotlight team discussion methodology was utilized for info collection. The primary purpose of this analysis was to assess Gals’s satisfaction with hijab marketing, clothing measurements, as well as impact of traditional clothing. The consumer’s obtaining actions and costume-system facets design was used since the theoretical framework. 20- Eight hijab-carrying Girls within the Lahore, Punjab participated Within this analysis. Results uncovered that Females usually are not pleased with the marketing and fitting of hijab and abayas. Proposals are furnished In this particular review to solve these challenges.


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There’s been an increase in the volume of vogue items created and bought to Pakistani women lately a result of the rise in obtaining electrical power [1]. Pakistan’s style business has been expanding speedily, and it’s got emerged as on the list of top rated trending industries in Pakistan wherever numerous domestic and Global corporations have invested heavily for the last 10 years. Over the years, style retailers in Pakistan are already experiencing twenty five-35% growth each year. Style merchants have began to modify their advertising and marketing procedures to meet the requires of the hijab vogue current market because of the boost in Gals’s paying for electric power. The main objective of this analyze was To guage the notion of hijab-sporting Gals in Pakistan that how nicely their fashion requirements were remaining satisfied and to recognize no matter whether their clothing needs are unique from Those people Females who don’t use hijab.


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We made two details collection instruments, (1) Individuals history information and dress Choices type and (two) a spotlight group discussion questionnaire. Three important topics were being included in the main target team discussion (a) Internet marketing (b) Garments Dimensions, and (c) the impact of classic clothing. We produced thoughtful queries to steer the respondents with the concentration group dialogue. The opening problem in regards to the desire of participants in hijab and abaya fashion had to be answered by Everybody Firstly of each session. Subsequent, we employed an introductory query to introduce the advertising and marketing clothes subject matter to hijab-carrying Ladies in Pakistan. We designed transition queries for each topic, followed by two to six most important core questions that explored additional into Just about every topic. The expression religious and non-religious was A part of the thoughts to begin to see the reactions from the members to those words. Individuals were being also requested no matter whether hijab is their personal decision, or They are really compelled by their people to use hijab.
Twelve questions about their abayas and hijabs have been requested to gather the specifics of their structure preferences. A 7- point Likert scale was employed the place seven indicated that members are strongly agreed and one indicated strongly disagreed. Members were also requested to deliver their demographic and psychographic facts which include age, profits, academic skills and traditional and spiritual activities or functions they attended. 4 Women of all ages ended up selected to serve as the experimental team to pretest the two the information selection devices, emphasis group discussion questionnaire, and members background info and their outfits Choices. The instruments have been revised to simplify wording based upon the preliminary focus team discussion.Featured collection of Tracksuits


Marketing and ad: Thee commercials linked to abaya types were shown into the Women of all ages to determine their responses to advertising. The Women of all ages believed that the ads were not so appealing and unfashionable. On the list of individuals said, “Makes should concentrate on internet marketing methods and market the hijab types in a contemporary way. Manufacturers affiliate hijab and abayas only with faith and market within an aged-fashioned way”. An additional participant reported “The abayas to the commercials don’t glance the same due to photographic filters” On the list of women commented “I am Bored with viewing exact same styles of advertisements for hijabs.” Just one participant went on to elucidate that manufacturers generally affiliate hijab and abaya with community clothing whereas Females like to put on trendy abayas in your house or in get-togethers as evening gowns, so manufacturers ought to introduce extra eye-catching means of marketing hijabs and abayas to appeal to hijab-donning Girls.

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